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My first post!

Welcome to our new website and our new blog, The Holistic Pharmacist! I’d like to take the opportunity of this first official blog post to introduce myself, let you know how I got here and to give you an idea of what you can expect when you visit our website and our blog! My name is Karoline and I am a traditionally trained pharmacist. I went to the University of Toronto and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy, in 2005. The reason I got into the pharmacy field was that I’d always been interested in health and helping people feel their best. For many years I believed pharmacy gave me an opportunity to do just that. However, about 5 years ago I started becoming more interested in more natural ways to promote health and natural solutions that could be used in place of pharmaceutical interventions and started to question some of the interventions I’d been regularly promoting and recommending.  I went through a few years where I struggled with this conflict…using natural methods versus such man made methods to help people achieve optimum health, and after swinging the pendulum quite far to the natural side I finally realized that there truly is a place for both in achieving our health goals.  I am currently finishing my diploma to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and I now believe that far too often people try to use pharmaceuticals as a quick fix band-aid solution, and I believe these pharmaceuticals can be utilized, but as much more of a last effort in our wellness journey after natural and holistic methods have been truly explored and exhausted. There is no doubt that pharmaceuticals can change and save lives and there is no better example of this than life saving antibiotics or acute treatment of cardiac conditions.  We, as human beings, go through a varied and ever changing experience in our lifetimes, and we require different things at different phases of our lives. To me, holistic health incorporates so much more than just drugs or quick fix diets. It is the combination of how we choose to live our lives and go through this experience. This includes not only what supplements or remedies we put in our bodies but also how we move our bodies and support them with the most optimal nutrition possible, how we nourish our souls with the choices we make and the relationships we choose to nurture, and how true we are to living our life’s passion and purpose. To me this is what makes a truly holisitically healthy individual!

I will use this blog as a means to discuss certain health topics and give you my opinions of possible avenues to explore in achieving optimal health related to them.  I am continually learning and expanding my knowledge on this journey as well, and am so inspired by not only how many new products are becoming available but by the research that is starting to back some of these options.  Market Pharmacy has committed to carrying many holistic products and natural alternatives for health and I am so excited to go on this journey and I hope readers will comment and discuss topics they are moved by and share their journeys as well. I can also be found on site at Market Pharmacy, located at 78 Brock Street in Kingston, Ontario for further discussion or help choosing appropriate products, and to offer personal counseling services. Here’s to our holistic health! 

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