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Healing a Compromised Digestive Tract

In the last blog post I discussed the importance of a healthy digestive tract and how it can affect nearly all the other systems in our bodies, from our immunity to our mental health. We also covered how the first step in healing our digestive tracts is to improve our diets. Whole, healthy, unprocessed foods are easily recognized by our systems and digested easily as long as there are no intolerances to that specific food.  Processed, artificial foods, or foods high in unhealthy fats and sugars, on the other hand, are taxing on our systems and can slowly damage them, with the consequences sometimes not showing up for months or years. So, switching to these healthy, life-sustaining foods is the first step and then an elimination diet done with the help of a nutritionist may help to identify any food intolerances that may be present. The patient can then remove.

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Digestive Health

The state of our digestive systems affects every other aspect of our lives. From our emotional well being to our immunity, if our digestive system is out of whack we will not be at our optimal best. There are many pharmaceutical quick fixes that do provide some relief from these issues. Some of these may be appropriate in certain situations when immediate relief is required.  Such products can include antacids or anti-diarrheals and these are readily available in pharmacies. However, if someone is dealing with chronic digestive issues or would like a longer term more holistic approach, then there are many wonderful avenues that can be explored.

 First and foremost we must look at the individual’s diet. Our bodies were not designed to eat most of.

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