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Holistic Weight Loss

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is integral to feeling our best and living a healthy and active lifestyle. There are unfortunately many quick fix solutions floating around out there though that often leave people yo-yo dieting, hungry, frustrated, and most times either unable to loose the weight or ending up gaining it back plus some after a quick, unsustainable weight loss gimmick. When someone is truly ready to achieve a healthy lifestyle and put forth the commitment to changing their habits permanently, weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight can come with very little effort. Our bodies naturally want to be healthy and if we consistently feed them healthy, nourishing foods and move them appropriately they will eventually settle at a healthy weight and also reward us with much improved energy and a general happier outlook on life. With this realization however comes the need to accept that what we may consider our “ideal” weight, which is often fueled.

Posted by pharmacist at Sep 26, 2013 Category: Other
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