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My first post!

Welcome to our new website and our new blog, The Holistic Pharmacist! I’d like to take the opportunity of this first official blog post to introduce myself, let you know how I got here and to give you an idea of what you can expect when you visit our website and our blog! My name is Karoline and I am a traditionally trained pharmacist. I went to the University of Toronto and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy, in 2005. The reason I got into the pharmacy field was that I’d always been interested in health and helping people feel their best. For many years I believed pharmacy gave me an opportunity to do just that. However, about 5 years ago I started becoming more interested in more natural ways to promote health and natural solutions that could be used in place of pharmaceutical interventions and started to question some of the interventions I’d been regularly promoting and recommending.  I went through a few years where I struggled with this.

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