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Holistic Weight Loss

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is integral to feeling our best and living a healthy and active lifestyle. There are unfortunately many quick fix solutions floating around out there though that often leave people yo-yo dieting, hungry, frustrated, and most times either unable to loose the weight or ending up gaining it back plus some after a quick, unsustainable weight loss gimmick. When someone is truly ready to achieve a healthy lifestyle and put forth the commitment to changing their habits permanently, weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight can come with very little effort. Our bodies naturally want to be healthy and if we consistently feed them healthy, nourishing foods and move them appropriately they will eventually settle at a healthy weight and also reward us with much improved energy and a general happier outlook on life. With this realization however comes the need to accept that what we may consider our “ideal” weight, which is often fueled.

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Mood Health

Our mood and emotions are dependent on, and affected by, many factors in our lives. The way we choose to live our lives and what we decide to focus on has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. The first step in living a fulfilling and joyful life is to make sure we are living a life that is true to us and that feeds our passions. These sorts of questions can be explored with the help of therapists or counselors or many of the other wonderful resources available out there. Then there are obviously some serious medical psychological conditions that will require drug therapy and which require treatment under the supervision of a specialized medical professional. However, for more mild or moderate concerns regarding mood health there are many great options out there.

The first step in feeling our best emotionally is to nurture our bodies.

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Healing a Compromised Digestive Tract

In the last blog post I discussed the importance of a healthy digestive tract and how it can affect nearly all the other systems in our bodies, from our immunity to our mental health. We also covered how the first step in healing our digestive tracts is to improve our diets. Whole, healthy, unprocessed foods are easily recognized by our systems and digested easily as long as there are no intolerances to that specific food.  Processed, artificial foods, or foods high in unhealthy fats and sugars, on the other hand, are taxing on our systems and can slowly damage them, with the consequences sometimes not showing up for months or years. So, switching to these healthy, life-sustaining foods is the first step and then an elimination diet done with the help of a nutritionist may help to identify any food intolerances that may be present. The patient can then remove.

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